Precision Point Adhesive Pen

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Adhering embellishments and small decorations to scrapbook layouts, cards and crafts is easier than ever with Creative Memories Glue Pens! This scrapbooker's must-have will become your go-to adhesive for embellishments and decorations with intricate details – just a dot or two from this scrapbook glue pen, and they’ll be secured to your project without a mess! The glue goes on blue, allowing you to clearly see the amount you’re adding and where you’re applying it, and dries clear so there’s no need to worry if you apply too much.
How to Use:
1) Shake the glue pen with the cap on before each use.
2) Squeeze the bubble to achieve desired flow.
3) Apply glue to your embellishments or decorations.
4) Allow 30 seconds for the adhesive to dry.

  • Includes 1 pen with .24oz of glue
  • Glue goes on blue and dries clear
  • Great for adhering small decorations and Embellishments to scrapbook pages, cards and other crafts!
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